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Luxury Yacht Charter


Luxurious and unforgettable, chartering a yacht brings the five-star hotel feeling to the breezy freshness of the open seas. Often considered the pinnacle of venues for entertaining special guests, celebrating an important occasion, or fostering business in impeccable style, our luxury yachts for charter will take your event to the next level.

Please enjoy navigating our collection of luxury yachts for 2–50 guests that are fully equipped with stringent safety features. Through our trusted partners, we also offer the finest chefs and catering, exciting water toys, and bespoke scent design for a multi-sensory adventure. All you and your guests need worry about is making the most of this remarkable experience with friends, family or colleagues.

The ultimate venue

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many, time aboard a luxury yacht is guaranteed to make every event memorable.

Any style, any time

Feel welcome to choose a different yacht each time for rich variety of experiences aboard different vessels.

Tailored Journeys

Choose from an array of accompaniments, such as top-chef catering, distinctive scent design, and fun water toys.

Safe sailing

Each boat is furnished with an automatic external defibrillator (beyond the statutory requirement), a fire extinguisher, life jackets, and life buoy rings.


Year Built: 2009 | Boat Length: 57 feet 8 inch
Year Built: 2014 | Boat Length: 92 feet
Year Built: | Boat Length: 72 feet
Year Built: | Boat Length: 72 feet
Year Built: 2012 | Boat Length: 75 feet 7 inch

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